I’m on vacation! Orders placed this week will ship on January 30.

FAQs & Legal Stuff

Do you do commissions? 

Yes, on occasion. I'm all booked up and busy with other things now, but feel free to email ben@benwildflower.com if you have an inquiry. Rates start at $200 for a small print. Prices go up if you want exclusive rights to the image, a quick deadline, a bigger print, etc. I usually say no. I want to make art I enjoy, not have a job. 

What are your shipping policies?

I ship all domestic orders USPS First Class (unless they have to be sent Priority Mail due to weight.) Shipping cost is included in the item’s price. I usually get orders in the mail within two days of the order being placed. This usually means you get your item within a week of placing the order.  International orders may be sent UPS of USPS depending on costs. Small orders (3 ounces or less) such as stickers are sent as untracked first class mail.

May I use your print in my church's bulletin, a powerpoint presentation, etc.?

Yes. You are welcome to use these images for not-for-profit purposes. Pay if/what you wish. Please include my name somewhere, e.g. "cover image by Benjamin Wildflower" or a caption below the image that says, "Magnificat by Benjamin Wildflower." I'm not picky about how you credit me, but please do credit me so people who like the art can find more of it and buy it from me. Bonus points if you include the web address or social media handles. If this is at all unclear, feel free to contact me. 

What's the refund/exchange policy?

If something doesn't fit, you don't like what you ordered, I sent you something defective or not what you ordered I'm happy to refund or replace. Just reply to your order confirmation email and we'll work something out. Buyer pays return shipping unless it's my mistake. For international orders the customer also has to pay the shipping for the replacement item. 

Are there bulk discounts?

If you're a reseller or planning on ordering more than 10 shirts or more than 50 of anything else email me and I'll get you as low of a price as I can without me losing money. 

Privacy Policy?

I don't give your info to anybody. Shopify has access to your info. If you ordered through an Instagram or Facebook link then Zuckerberg is watching. What a nimrod.