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Box o' Surprises

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This is like the scratch & dent section of an appliance store. I'm torn between the DIY aesthetic of banging out prints and the fancy shmancy fine art notion that unless a print is perfect I shouldn't sell it. So I have a big fat stack of prints that are too good for the garbage can, not good enough to sell. Many are test prints where I printed it, looked at it, and said, no I should add more contrast here, carve a bit more away there, get rid of that distracting shadow, something like that. Some are just printed on paper I tore to the wrong size. Some have a big shadow from the paper shifting while printing. What they all have in common is:

1. Mistakes

2. I like them.

If the mistakes were atrocious I would have tossed them in the garbage can. They're fine. They're good enough to hang up. 

You will get no less than three pieces of oops art. No returns, no refunds, no good cops in a racist system.