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Official Antifa Membership Cards

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These cards have a blank spot for your name or somebody else’s name.

5 for $2, 10 for $3, 20 for $4. 

If you choose the "typewritten with name of your choice" option include the name in the note when checking out. I wish I knew how to make it so you enter it here but I'm just an antifa supersoldier, not a tech wizard. 

If you choose "sent to somebody else" please include that person's name and address and as much instruction as you feel like giving. I will send it to your weird Fox News watching uncle. I will write, "Congratulations, Uncle Rick! One of your comrades has generously paid your dues to secure your lifelong membership in Antifa! Thank you for supporting the struggle against the racist imperialist capitalist state.  Sincerely, ANTIFA Northeast Division HQ Assistant Secretary" or something like that. Give me the general outline and I'll do something with it. Don't forget to include Uncle Rick's address when checking out.