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9”x1” weatherproof vinyl sticker

If you put them on a stop sign it’ll say STOP BUILDING PRISONS. Obviously you should only do this on your personal stop signs which you bought at novelty shops and have hanging up in your home. If you put these on the municipal stop signs in your neighborhood that’d be a CRIME called VANDALISM and you might get punished by BUREAUCRATS WITH GUNS who think a safe society can be achieved by LOCKING HUMANS IN CAGES. So benwildflowerdotcom does not endorse crimes and is an upstanding member of polite society and submits to all governing authorities. Hip hip hooray for rules and rulers!

If I print more I’ll make them bigger. The text us pretty small. Put them somewhere with lots of foot traffic. Like your living room where you have your decorative stop sign hanging with proof of purchase. Cool.

I’m not going to sell you just one sticker. Sorry. Stamps and envelopes cost money.

$10 for ten ($1 each(You have more than one novelty stop sign in your home, right?))

$45 for fifty (5% off. That’s a deal.)

$90 for one hundred (10% off. That’s an even better deal)

Want more than that? Email me I guess.