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Life Before / Life After print

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There was life before the land I live on was stolen, before the transatlantic slave trafficking rings, before borders, before prisons. There are trees older than the so-called USA. Heck, trees I planted as a child are older than ICE. Don’t let people tell you the world has to be the way it is. We can make thriving easier and cruelty more difficult. There will be life after liberation.

I was going to write "prisons" or "cops" or "America" or something but decided to leave it open-ended. It's been a time of tragedy and loss for many and like burnt trees we carry scars as life just goes on. There's life after horrific loss too. Not necessarily encouraging, but I don't say encouraging things to impossible tragedy. 

Handmade relief prints all have variations and imperfections. No two are quite alike. I kept changing my mind as I printed them about which side should be the top and how far from the center I should position the print. If you don’t like the side I picked as the top you can hang it sideways or upside down. It’s yours now.

Printed on hand-torn 11x14 heavyweight BFK Rives cotton paper. The printed area is a little over 10 inches wide.

This was more popular than anticipated so if it's sold out please use the notify-me-when-it's-back-in-stock button to get an email when I do another print run which should be very soon. I would list more than I actually have to allow more sales but when I sell more than I have it makes the anxiety flare up. I like not having anxiety more than I like having your money.