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Miraculous Metal

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I originally made this linocut as a commission for a podcast about Christianity and Leftist politics called The Magnificast. If you want a shirt or something with this on it go bug them about it because I'm just selling some old-school analog ink and paper prints (and also less analog prints.)

What we have here is a riff on the miraculous medal which is a little trinket lots of Catholics like and it has a pretty little picture of Mary on it. Nuns used to give me one every time I visited Mother Teresa's grave. Apparently Mother Teresa herself gave out bucketfuls of them. This is like that but metal.

There are drones falling on the sky. She's stomping on the serpent but it's also the Don't Tread on Me snake. She's burning Confederate and Nazi flags with DIY aerosol can flamethrowers. The demons of militarism and nationalism tremble at the sight.

The originals were printed on 11x14 sheets of cotton paper. Unfortunately, the low quality linoleum which I bought in a bazaar in Kolkata got all warped by heat and humidity which I solved by gluing it to a plank which helped for a while but then that also got warped and now it's impossible to print. Sorry. Luckily there are reproductions. They look nice and people won't know it's not an original unless you tell them. 

In an effort to make my art affordable for more people, this print is also available as a digitally printed reproduction. It is a very clean high res print on sturdy cover stock from a local print shop. 

Hail Mary.