The Luke 4 Series

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According to Luke’s Gospel, Jesus began his ministry by reading a text from Isaiah saying, “The Spirit of God is upon me to proclaim release of the captives, good news for the poor, to set the oppressed free, open blind eyes, and declare the year of the Lord’s favor.” Then he said, “Today this is fulfilled in your hearing,” a line Biblical scholars* refer to as “the Gospel of St Luke mic drop.”

I carved illustrations of these Biblical promises and printed them on another local printmaker’s fancy press.

the prints are 4x6 inches. The individual prints are on 8x10 sheets of high quality 100% rag paper. The prints of all four on one sheet of paper measure a total of 14x18 inches.

Small discount if you order all four. The version with all four printed on one 14x18 page was a super pain to print nicely and we only successfully printed a few and unfortunately I have to charge big bucks to pay myself a few bucks an hour. But fret not! I’ll have prints of that one made so the masses can afford it.

Thank you all for your support.

*actually no Biblical scholar ever said that as far as I know but they should.